2017-2018 Classes & Registration Form

Days Classes Time
Monday                    Champ Class Only             6pm-8pm
Tuesday                   Beginner                              5pm-6pm
Tuesday                    Grades and Champ           6pm-8pm
Thursday                Grades                                  5pm-6:15pm
Thursday                 Champ                                  6:15-8:15
Sunday                      Champ                                  1pm-3pm (when feis and personal schedule permits)
Beginners                            3pm-4pm(when feis and personal schedule permits)

Cost: Pay As You Go

Classes Prices
Beginner/One Hour Grade Classes          $10
Champ/Two Hour Grade Classes              $20
4 Hour Workshops                                           $40
Private Lessons                                                 $60 (can be individual or spilt up to 3 dancers)
Ciara workshops/camps                               TBD